Kenilworth War Memorial – WW2

This page contains the names of those who died in the Second World War, and one soldier who died in the Korean War, who are recorded on the Kenilworth War Memorial.
Others linked to Kenilworth who died in the Second World War are listed here, including some who are buried in Kenilworth Cemeteries but are not recorded on the memorial, and civilians who died in Kenilworth as a result of enemy action.
If you are able to add any further information, please e-mail Susan Tall.

IN THE WAR OF 1939-1945
ASHFIELD Leslie Cecil Able Seaman P/JX 327064, H.M.S. Capel, Royal Navy. His ship was torpedoed and sunk by U-boat U-486 off Cherbourg, France. Died 26th December 1944. Commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 81, column 3 and on the St Barnabas Church Roll of Honour, Kenilworth.
BANHAM G Believed to be George Henry Banham, Ordinary Seaman P/JX 330750, H.M.S. Fidelity. [the only G Banham on the CWG list]. Died 1st January 1943, when the H.M.S. Fidelity, disguised as a merchant navy ship, was torpedoed and sunk by U-435 in the Atlantic off the Azores with the loss of 325 lives. Son of George Henry and Lilian Banham; husband of Ethel A Banham of Battersea, London. Commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 76, column 1.
BARNSLEY Albert Edward Ordinary Seaman P/JX 514986, H.M.S. Tweed, Royal Navy. Died 7 January 1944 when H.M.S. Tweed was torpedoed and sunk by U-305 in the North Atlantic, south-west of Ireland. Commemorated Portsmouth Naval Memorial, panel 83, column 3. Son of Sidney and Mabel May Barnsley of Kenilworth, Warwickshire.
BENTLEY H No further information currently. Could be Harry Norman Bentley, died 16 January 1945, Harry Robert Bentley, died 1st January 1943, or Harold Bentley,R.A.F., died 3 May 1943, age 43.
BENTLEY L No further information currently. Could be Leslie George Bentley, died 28 July 1943 or Lawrence George Bentley died 15 September 1945 or Leonard Joseph Bentley 21 April 1941.
BLENCOWE Ronald William Driver T/172445, Royal Army Service Corps. Died 30 November 1941 aged 24. Buried in Knightsbridge War Cemetery, Acroma, Libya, 10. A. 24. Son of James and Hilda Blencowe, husband of Ruby Blencowe of Kenilworth. Also on the St John the Evangelist Church Memorial, Kenilworth, and the St Barnabas Church Roll of Honour, Kenilworth.
BONEHAM Arnold Private, 5111142, 1/7th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Died 9th August 1944, aged 26. Buried in Bayeux War Cemetery, XX11. C. 18. Son of John and Fanny Boneham, husband of Betty Kathleen Boneham of Kenilworth. Also on the St John the Evangelist Church Memorial, Kenilworth.
Private, 5110552, 6th (10th Battalion Royal Welch Fusiliers) Battalion, Parachute Regiment, A. A. C. Died 10th September 1943 aged 23. Commemorated on the Cassino Memorial, Panel 12. He originally came from Jersey and served in the infantry before transferring to the Parachute Regiment. He served with Arthur Michael Witherford from Kenilworth, met and married Arthur’s wife’s sister, Betty Edkins of 32 Roseland Rd.
BREWER D H Could be Douglas Herbert Brewer, Private 5253614, 7th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment. Died 26th May 1940 aged 21. Commemorated on the Dunkirk Memorial, Column 58. Son of Thomas Henry and Alice Rebecca Brewer.
BURT Ronald Able Seaman, D/JX 214377, HMS President III, Royal Navy. Died 19 December 1940, aged 31. Buried Grave 3, Whitstable Cemetery. Son of John and Clara Burt, husband of Kathleen Patricia Burt, of Kenilworth.
CARDWELL-HILL Leonard Trooper, 14542814, 1st Royal Dragoons, Royal Armoured Corps. Died 15 August 1944 aged 19. Buried in the Banneville-La-Campagne War Cemetery, 1V. C. 8. Son of Howard and Bertha Annie Carwell-Hill of Kenilworth.
Flying Officer (Pilot), 611 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 27 October 1941, aged 26. Buried in Boulogne Eastern Cemetery, Plot 11. Row A. Grave 20. Son of Eustace and Marjorie Vivian Carey-Hill of The Hollies, 48 New Street, Kenilworth. A fighter pilot who was lost while on patrol over the channel.
CASTLE C H Could be Charles Harold Castle, Lance Bombardier, 967206, 222 Bty., 10 H.A.A. Regt. Royal Artillery. Died 19th April 1942, aged 26. Buried at Pieta Military Cemetery, coll. grave K. 11.
CASTLE R Could possibly be Richard Edwin Castle, Lance Corporal, 5249922, 1st Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment. Died 5th February, 1941, aged 24. Buried at Keren War Cemetery,1. B. 7. Son of Edwin and Amy Castle; husband of Nancibelle Castle, of Wappenbury, Warwickshire.
CLARKE Francis Henry
Stoker, 1st Class, P/KX 90017, H.M.S. Royal Oak, Royal Navy. Died 14th October, 1939, aged 21. Commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 35, Column 1. Son of Francis Joseph and Ellen Clarke of Kenilworth, Warwickshire.
COLLETT Ivan Ernest Corporal, PO/X 4890, Royal Marines. Died 6th January 1944, aged 23. Buried Syracuse War Cemetery, Sicily, VII. B. 12. Son of Frank and Sarah Huff Collett of Kenilworth.
CONSTABLE Raymond Arthur Able Seaman, P/JX 653109, HMS Victory, Royal Navy. Died 26th March 1946, aged 20. Buried in Kenilworth Cemetery, Plot 5. Sec. B. Grave 1635. Son of Mr and Mrs A. Constable of Kenilworth.
COOKE Oliver John
Private, 5111421, 8th Battalion, York and Lancaster Regiment. Died 6th May 1944. Buried Taukkyan War Cemetery, Burma, 12. G. 11. Son of Oliver John and Eliza Cooke, of Kenilworth.
COX Clifford Sidney Lance Corporal, 8th King's Royal Irish Hussars, Royal Armoured Corps. Died 12 July 1942, aged 26. Buried Benghazi War Cemetery, 8. D. 19. Son of Sidney and May Cox of Kenilworth Warwickshire.
Flying Officer, 126537, Royal Air Force Volunteer Service 7 Squadron. Educated Warwick School, joined the RAF on his 18th birthday, awarded DFM in April 1942 for his courage and skill in an attack on Cologne. Died 21 December 1942 aged 20. Buried Grave 6, Jussecourt-Minecourt Churchyard, France. Son of John and May Davies, 106 Arthur St, Kenilworth, husband of Hazel Elizabeth Davies.
DAVIES Richard Edward Leading Aircraftman, 1238802, RAF Volunteer Reserve. Died 28 March 1942 aged 23. Buried Sec. N. Lot 110 Grave 1 Montgomery (Oakwood) Cemetery Annexe. Son of J. B. and Lily Davies of Kenilworth.
DEAN A No further information currently
DRURY William Horsman Flight Sergeant (Pilot),1178920. Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 1st September, 1942, aged 28. Buried in Kenilworth Cemetery, Plot 5. Sec. A. Grave 1752. Son of James Horsman Drury and Winifred Elsie Drury of Kenilworth.
DUNN Stephen Ernest
Given on the Kenilworth War Memorial as A E Dunn, correctly Stephen Ernest Dunn, Able Seaman P/JX158051, Royal Navy, HMS Hood. Died on 24th May, 1941, age 19. Commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial Panel 47 Column 3, also in Hood Chapel, Church of St John the Baptist, Boldre, Hampshire. Son of William J. & Violet M. Dunn, Banner Hill Farm, Kenilworth.

FLYNN Anthony Thomas
Signalman, 2590891, Royal Corps of Signals. Died on 21st June, 1946, of TB contracted while serving with the army in North Africa. Buried in Kenilworth Cemetery, Plot 8. Sec. B. Grave 2371. The eldest of the three sons of John Swift Flynn and Fanny Theresa Flynn, of Kenilworth.
FLYNN John Terence Philip Swift
Lieutenant 70990, 7th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Killed in action at Dunkirk, 27th May, 1940, aged 23. Buried at Esquelmes War Cemetery, V. A. 29. Second son of John Swift Flynn and Fanny Theresa Flynn, of Kenilworth.
FLYNN Wilfrid Theodore
Lieutenant 2561, 38th Regiment Royal Northumberland Fusiliers. Killed in action 25th March 1945, aged 26, while leading his platoon at Groin as part of the action in crossing the Rhine. Buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, 52, C. 5. Youngest son of John Swift Flynn and Fanny Theresa Flynn, of Kenilworth.

FOSTER Kenneth Third Radio Officer, M.V. Adellen (London), Merchant Navy. Died 22 February 1942, aged 18. Commemorated on the Tower Hill Memorial, Panel 2. Son of Arthur and Lily Foster, of Kenilworth.
GARRETT Leonard Richard Gunner, 1154888, 54th (The Queen's Own Royal Glasgow Yeomanry) Anti-Tank Regiment, RoyallArtillery. Died 2nd October, 1944, aged 21. Buried in Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Nijmegen, Netherlands, 14. B. 6. Son of Harry and Winifred Garrett, of Kenilworth.
Flight Sergeant, 656364, 500 Squadron, Royal Air Force. Lost off North Africa 2nd September 1943, aged 22. Commemorated on the Malta Memorial, Malta. Panel 7, Column 1. Son of the late Mr Harold and Mrs Beatrice Golby, 73 Arthur St, Kenilworth.
HALL Arthur Norman Private, 5127056, 2nd/7th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Died 14th March, 1943, aged 19. Buried in Kenilworth Cemetery, Plot 5. Sec. B. Grave 1400. Son of Herbert and Lizzie Hall of Kenilworth.
HALL Reginald Herbert Private, 14643028, Royal Army Ordnance Corps. Died 13 August 1945, aged 33. Son of Herbert and Elizabeth Hall of Kenilworth. Husband of Alice Hall, of Gorton, Manchester. Buried in the Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany. Also commemorated on the St Barnabas Church Roll of Honour, Kenilworth.
HAYES R G Could be Ralph Gamble Hayes DFC, Flying Officer (Navigator), 120087, 105 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 5th November 1943, aged 22. Buried Wandsworth (Putney Vale) Cemetery, Block U. Grave 327. Son of Harold Hayes and Edith Hayes of Leamington Spa, Warwickshire.
HIBBERT Nowell Percy
Flying Officer (Air Bomber) 151844, RAF Volunteer Reserve 156 Squadron. Died 29 January 1945 age 21. Buried Durnbach War Cemetery, Germany, Coll. grave 4. 7 26-28. Son of Maj. John Percy Maghull Hibbert, MC, and Olive Helen Hibbert (née Kershaw) of Kenilworth. Awarded DFC.
HUGGINS Jack Private, 5111325, Army Catering Corps, Royal Engineers. Died 6th February 1943, aged 20. Buried La Reunion War Cemetery, 5. A. 12. Son of Abriam and Emily Elizabeth Huggins of Kenilworth.
JARRETT Geoffrey William Jones Squadron Leader (Pilot), 27088, 9th Squadron, Royal Air Force. Died 3 April 1943, aged 34. Buried Reichswald Forest War Cemetery, 9. D. 1. Son of Edward Jones Jarrett and Gertrude Emily Jarrett of Kenilworth.
KETTLE Arthur Percy Lance Corporal, 796635, Royal Armoured Corps, Royal Dragoons. Died 16th December, 1941, aged 27. Commemorated on the Alamein Memorial, Column 16. Son of Arthur Kettle and of Bernice Kettle of Kenilworth.
LAMB Bertie Possibly civilian, aged 55, son of William and Elizabeth Lamb of Much Park Street, Coventry, who died at Globe Hotel, Abbey End, as a result of the bomb dropped 21 November 1940. Listed in the Chapel, Kenilworth Cemetery. Husband of Ada FLorence Lamb of 13 Gulson Rd, Coventry.
LAMLEY Alfred John Able Seaman, P/JX 162711, H.M.S. Barham, Royal Navy. Died 25th November 1941, aged 18. Commemorated on Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 48, Column 2. Son of Albert John and Elsie Lamley of Kenilworth.
LATHAM Charles Leslie Sapper, 2122952, Royal Engineers. Died 9th August, 1942, aged 33. Buried in Kenilworth Cemetery, Plot 5. Sec. B. Grave 1399. Son of Charles William and Ellen Latham of Kenilworth.
LITTLEJOHN Richard Charles
Private, 14937855, General Service Corps. Died 24 September 1945, aged 31. Killed near Catterick Camp, falling out of a lorry. Buried in Calverley (St Wilfred) Churchyard, Yorkshire, Sec. A. Grave 149. Husband of Irene Mary Littlejohn, of Bramley, Leeds. Lived in Coventry and worked at Triumph before the war. Lodged in Kenilworth for a time.
MATTHEWS C E W Could be Charles Evan William Matthews, Private, 5182120, 1st Battalion, Gloucestershire Regiment. Died 29th March 1942 aged 27. Commemorated on Rangoon Memorial, Face 12. Son of Evan William and Katherina Isabella Helena Matthews (no address given).
MORGAN Gilbert Pilot Officer, 80553, 144 Squadron, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 1st November 1940, aged 25. Commemorated on the Runnymede Memorial, Panel 9. Son of Gilbert Morgan and Edith Morgan, of Kenilworth.
ODELL Alfred Private, 5126973, The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey) 1st Battalion. Died 9 March 1944, aged 21. Buried Taukkyan War Cemetery near Rangoon, Burma, 5. K. 10. Son of John and Daisy Odell of Kenilworth.
POTTS Thomas W Private, 5126664, 1st/7th Battalion, Royal Warwickshire Regiment. Died 1st June 1942, aged 20. Buried in Kenilworth Cemetery, Plot 5. Sec. B. Grave 1398. Son of Henry Frederick and Rose May Potts of Kenilworth.
POTTS E There are three E Potts on the Commonwealth War Grave list. Could possibly be Edward Potts, Private, 5253577, 8th Battalion Worcestershire Regiment, died 29 May, 1940, aged 21. Buried West Cappel Churchyard, Row A. Grave 12.
REDLEY Roland Francis Captain EC/2, 8th Ghurka Rifles, 2nd Batallion. Died 29 June 1942, aged 22. Buried El Alamein War Cemetery, Egypt, XXXI. J. 8. Indian national, son of Harry and Mary Alice Redley of Kenilworth.
REED N A Possibly Norman Arthur Reed, Lance Serjeant 6969343, 8th (2nd Battalion The London Rifle Brigade) Battalion. Died 28th June 1944 age 23. Buried at Banneville-la-Campagne War Cemetery, Calvados, France, XD3. Son of Edward Henry and Selena Sarah Reed; husband of Marjorie Jean Reed of Chingford, Essex.
SABIN L H Possibly Leonard Henry Sabin, Private, 525323330, 7th Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment. Died between 22nd and 27th May 1940. Buried at Givenchy-Les-La-Bassée Comunal Cemetery, Row B. Grave 7.
SAUL J There are two J Sauls on the Commonwealth War Graves Commission. One is a Lance Corporal John Saul, 5110115, of the 50 Divisional Provost Company, Corps of Military Police, who died on 10th July 1943 aged 24, commemorated on the Cassino Memorial, panel 13, son of Cecil and Anne Saul (no address given), husband of Peggy Saul of Newton Green, Suffolk; the other is Private John Saul of the Hampshire Regiment, which is less likely.
SEWELL Richard Edward Chief Petty Officer Writer, C/M 37814, H.M.S. Penzance, Royal Navy. Died on 24th August 1940 aged 39. Commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial, 39, 1. Son of Richard Edward and Alice Sewell, husband of Olive Irene Sewell, Kenilworth.
SHEEPY Victor Cecil Sapper, 1905269, 10 Railway Construction and Operating Company, Royal Engineers. Died of typhoid fever, 31st December 1941, Aged 22. Buried in Khartoum War Cemetery, 2. D. 17. Son of William Joseph and Jessie Sheepy of Kenilworth.
SHERWIN John Edward Loos Sergeant (Navigator), 1583794, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 15 November 1944, aged 29. Buried Bath (Haycombe) Cemetery, Plot 39. Sec. H. Row A. Grave 237. Husband of Cecilia Andrae Sherwin, of Coundon, Warwickshire.
STEELEY Henry John
(aka Harry)
Sergeant (Pilot), 565952, 43rd Squadron, Royal Air Force based at RAF Acklington, Northumberland. Died 18th January 1940, aged 23. Returning from an aborted convoy patrol with his mate Sgt Mullinger, the two Hurricanes appeared to indulge in an impromptu dog fight in which neither plane pulled away at the last second. Sgt Mullinger's plane sliced off the tail of Sgt Steeley‘s aircraft and both pilots were killed.

Buried in Kenilworth Cemetery, Plot 1. Sec. B. Grave 192. Listed on the St Barnabas Church Memorial as 'Harry'. Son of John Edward and Rose Emma Steeley of Kenilworth.

STOCK Frank Sidney Stoker 2nd Class, P/KX 114918, H.M.S. Queen Elizabeth. Died 19th December 1941, aged 20. Commemorated on the Portsmouth Naval Memorial, Panel 56, Column 2. Son of Albert and Nellie Beatrice Stock of Kenilworth.
TEALE Frederick William Ordinary Signalman, C/JX 207635, H.M.S. Zinnia, Royal Navy. Died 23 August 1941, aged 21. Commemorated on the Chatham Naval Memorial, 45, 3. Son of Frederick and Sarah Winifred Teale; husband of Elsie May Teale, of Kenilworth.
THOMPSON Ronald Edwin

Ronald Edwin Thompson, Sergeant, 745851, 9 Squadron Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve. Died 2nd October 1940, age 21. Commemorated on Runnymede Memorial, Surrey, Panel 20.

Ronald worked at the Co-op in Coventry when the war began. He wanted to join the police but was not tall enough and enlisted in the RAF. He soon became a sergeant and flew missions over Germany as a co-pilot. He was reported missing when his bomber ran out of fuel and ditched in the North Sea. Nine aircraft searched the area but no traces were found.

His sister Margaret (16 when he went missing) said her memories of her brother were of a 'Happy-go-lucky lad' with a large appetite. He used to have two breakfasts and two dinners. He would have six eggs and a plate of bacon. He had a lovely little green sports car and said that when he came on his next leave, he would take her out in it. But he never came home.

TOMPSON Gordon Leslie
Sergeant (W.Op./Air Gnr.) Pilot, 946159, Royal Air Force Volunteer Reserve, 40 Sqdn. Died 12 June 1941, aged 21. The Wellington Bomber in which he flew on a mission to bomb Dusseldorf was shot down by a Messerschmidt at 1.30 am over the Netherlands between the village of Meerlo and the nearby River Maas. Buried in Jonkerbos War Cemetery, Holland. Born in Kenilworth.
WALTON Aubrey John Private, 5348518, 70th Battalion, Royal Berkshire Regiment. Died 23rd February, 1941, aged 18. Buried in Kenilworth Cemetery, Plot 5. Grave 1463. Son of Aubrey John and Edith May Walton of Kenilworth.
WALTON MC Dennis Harding Major, No. 47 R.M. Commando, Royal Marines. Died 4th September 1944, aged 29. Buried Fecamp (Le Val Aux Clercs) Communal Cemetery, British Plot, Row 2, Grave 1. Son of Albert and Rose Walton, husband of Helen Elizabeth Joan Walton, of Kenilworth.
WEBB George

A civilian, aged 62, of 5 Abbey End, Kenilworth, died on 21 November 1940 as a result of the German bomb; he was the husband of Nellie Webb, who also died, and are both commemorated at the Kenilworth Cemetery.

WEYMAN John Edward Private, 5116715, 1/5th Battalion, The Queen's Royal Regiment (West Surrey). Died 25th October 1942, aged 27. Commemorated on the Alamein Memorial, Column 56. Son of John Weyman of Kenilworth, Warwickshire, husband of Nora Isobel Weyman, of Llandudno Junction, Carnarvonshire.
WHEATLEY Oscar Frank Lieut.-Commander (A), H.M.S. Ameer, Royal Naval Volunteer Reserve. Died 20 June 1945, aged 27. Buried Jakarta War Cemetery, 2. F. 5. Son of Oscar and Dora Wheatley, husband of Hilda Rose Wheatley, of Kenilworth.
WILKINSON Charles Driver, T/104555, Royal Army Service Corps. Died 14 August 1940. Aged 22. Buried in Kenilworth Cemetery, Plot 4. Sec. B. Grave 1173. Son of Charles Boddington Wilkinson and Sarah Gertrude Wilkinson of Kenilworth.
WILKINSON Paul Laurence Able Seaman, D/JX 170159, H.M.S. Prince of Wales, Royal Navy. Died 10 December 1941 aged 18. Commemorated on the Plymouth Naval Memorial, Panel 48, Column 3. Son of Reuben Simister Wilkinson and Winifride Lucy Wilkinson, Bilborough, Nottinghamshire. Mrs W. L. Wilkinson was given as living at 17 Station Road, Kenilworth in the local press.
WILSON Stanley Albert
Sergeant, T/141807. Royal Army Service Corps. Died 19 January 1942. Aged 24. Buried in Ancona War Cemetery, II.K.13, Italy. Son of Joseph and Emily Wilson of Keilworth. Stanley worked at Snelsons butchers’ shop in Warwick Road and had just set up a new business in Leamington when he was called up. He was taken prisoner in the fall of Tobruk in North Africa, and died as a prisoner of either dysentery or pneumonia.
WORRALL Norman James Rifleman, 5260772, 1st Battalion, Cameronians (Scottish Rifles). Died 8 June 1944, aged 35. Buried in Gauhati War Cemetery, 3.H.8, India. Son of George and Hannah Elizabeth Worrall of Kenilworth.
WRIGHTON T J W Probably Thomas James William Wrighton, Private, 14340664, 9th Battalion, Durham Light Infantry. Died 14th June 1944, aged 33. Buried in Bayeux War Cemetery, XV. G. 2. Son of Thomas and Louisa Wrighton; husband of Vera Regina Wrighton.
KOREA 1952
MUSGRAVE Richard F Sergeant, 14473932, The King’s Own Scottish Borderers. Missing in action at Maryang-San 4th November 1951. No known grave. Richard signed on with the King’s Own Scottish Borderers for a seven year period in 1945, and had several long postings abroad, including 18 months on the North West Frontier in India, 18 months in Aden and Jerusalem and six months in Hong Kong, before being transferred to Korea about seven months before his death. Offered a commission, he refused, preferring to "come up the hard way.” He was reported ”Missing, believed killed,” in the London Gazette, 17th November 1951. Son of Mr and Mrs Musgrave, 41 Station Rd Kenilworth.

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