Kenilworth WW1 Book

The story of KENILWORTH AND THE GREAT WAR by Susan Tall and Betty Sunley traces all the names from the First World War on the Kenilworth War Memorial and tells their stories in the context of the town as it copes with the changing fortunes of war.
As the men fight, the women left behind take on their duties to maintain the fabric of society, supporting the war effort, helping to bring in the harvest.
After the war to end all wars, the exhausted populace seek to return to normal life and honour their fallen. But money is scarce and plans to build a memorial take several false turns before the final tribute is made as an obelisk overlooking Abbey Fields.
This book should be of interest to the general reader fascinated by a good story as well as those interested in social and military history at the beginning of the twentieth century.

224 pages, 140 photographs. Retail £11.95 (+£2.05 P&P or £3.05 worldwide).


Betty Sunley, 10a Barrow Rd, Kenilworth, CV8 1EH, Tel. 01926 853574

Susan Tall, 21 Laburnum Ave, Kenilworth, CV8 2DR, Tel. 01926 856728.

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