Kenilworth War Memorial - New Names

At the meeting of the Kenilworth Town Council Finance and General Services Committee at 7.00 pm on Thursday 3 May 2018, it was RESOLVED to ask Warwick District Council to add the names of Thomas William DILWORTH, Timothy Laurence FOLEY, William Jonathan HANCOX, William HUBBARD, Frank Bernard THAKE and John William WOODFIELD to the War Memorial in Abbey Fields.
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Councillor Illingworth explained background information to this item and updated Members that it had been agreed by WDC that the War Memorial would be cleaned by specialist contractors in August, along with essential work being carried out to the paving and pointing.
Alongside this work, local historian and expert on WW1 and Kenilworth, Susan Tall had completed further research regarding various names that may have been appropriate to add to the Memorial. Members discussed a report in which she had whittled 60 possible names down to 6. Councillor Illingworth had made preliminary enquiries with Russell Marsden at WDC regarding brass plates and siting the additional names.
Following a brief discussion during which Members indicated their thanks and appreciation to Susan Tall for all of the research work that she had undertaken, the resolution was proposed and seconded.

The full analysis of the possible names may be downloaded here (including the details of the six selected soldiers).

The details for the six soldiers is repeated here.

A pamphlet prepared for the dedication of the new names on 3rd November 2018 can downloaded from here. (Print it on A4 paper, double sided, short-edge binding).

They include Corporal Hancox, the first Kenilworth soldier whose death was reported in the local press in October 1914. He had been born and lived in Kenilworth, joining the army and spending a year in Woolwich police force before being recalled to the army.


  • The report of the death of Corporal Hancox from the Coventry Herald, October 10th, 1914, below,
    and to the right.


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