SAIL through Mathematics: Videos

Richard R. Skemp

March 10, 1919 – June 22, 1995

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These videos are © University of Calgary. They are made available for use by individual teachers and for teacher training, but reproduction is forbidden for commercial purposes. Should you have a query, please address it to
The Skemp videos show Richard Skemp and colleagues playing mathematical games with children. Each volume is downloadable as a whole, or the individual activities may be seen or downloaded individually.
Click the titles to see each video on the web.
To download, either right-click the corresponding icon (PC) or ctrl-click (Mac), then select the option to download the linked file to disk.
The files are in Quicktime and require the Quicktime player to play them. The size is 320x240 pixels to minimise download time.
Seen on the web-pages, they are played at double size. When downloaded they play in Quicktime and may be presented as full screen movies.
Video Volume 1, Numeration and addition, 45 min
Video Volume 2, Subtraction, multiplication, division and fractions, 52 min

Video Volume 3a, Quadrilaterals, factors, odd/even, geometry, and decimals, 90 min.,

Video Volume 3b, Addition stories and sentences, number line extrapolation, 60 min.

Video Volume 4, Management of Skemp Learning Activities, 24 min.

Demonstrates the management of Skemp's math learning activities in four regular whole-class settings (Grades 2, 3/4 and 4/5).