SAIL: Structured Activities in Intelligent Learning

Richard R. Skemp

March 10, 1919 – June 22, 1995

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Availability of Skemp Mathematics Learning Activities

The mathematics learning activities that Richard Skemp developed for school children from kindergarten through age 11 or 12 are contained in:

  • two teacher resource books, SAIL through Mathematics, Volumes 1 and 2
  • two books of photomasters (blackline masters), SAIL through Mathematics, Volumes 1a and 2a, and
  • a companion 'theory-for-teachers' paperback, Mathematics in the Primary School

Additionally, there are six VHS videocassettes showing: children being introduced to 31 of the Skemp mathematics learning activities; classroom lessons in which the activities are being used; and Richard Skemp discussing with teachers the activities and the theory which they embody.

These videocassettes are all available as Quicktime videos from this website.

For descriptions of the SAIL materials, click on: SAIL components.

Inquiries about the availability of any of the SAIL through Mathematics materials may be directed to Dr. Bruce Harrison at