Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School

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A new hardback book entitled Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School by David & Graham Tall with a foreword by Sir David Frost was published on October 28th 2006. The book is a celebration of the school with stories of the masters told by many boys throughout its history from Mr Lay in the 30s, Mr Woolley in the war and Mr Wrenn in the 30 post war years. It has chapters on academic matters, sports, societies and clubs, school trips at home and abroad, and the special guests who visited our school including Nobel prize winners, war heroes, celebrities and royalty. There are many photos throughout the school's history, with a foreword by Sir David Frost, who also figures as actor, cricketer, media personality and guest on Speech Day.

The book is on sale at £17.95 from Park Gallery & Bookshop, 16 Cannon St, Wellingborough, the Heritage Centre, or the Wellingborough Old Grammarians.

It is available by post or via the internet. Full information is available on the Memories of Wellingborough Grammar School site.

Book contents:


Chapter 1: What Made Our School So Special?



Chapter 2: Long-Serving Staff

Chapter 3: Previous Grammar Schools in Wellingborough

Chapter 4: The Early Years with Mr F. C. Lay (1930–1937)

Memories of the Thirties: Joe Keep (1933–1936)

Chapter 5: Mr Woolley (1937–1945) and the War Years

War and Peace: Noel Pearson (1944–1950)

Thoughts on WGS: Peter Wilson (1942–1949)

Chapter 6: Long-Serving Staff Post-War

Chapter 7: The 1944 Education Act & Mr Wrenn (1946–1975)

Caramba! Is that the only Spanish I learnt?: Graham Sharp (1958–1964)



Chapter 8: The Liberal Curriculum

Chapter 9: The Academic Curriculum

Chapter 10: Sport

Chapter 11: Clubs and Societies

The Play’s The Thing: Geoff Hodgkins (1955–1962)

Scouting at WGS: Peter Godfrey (1955–1960)

Chapter 12: School Trips at Home and Abroad

Chapter 13: Eminent Guests on Parents’ Day

Poacher Turned Gamekeeper: David Wilson (1952–60, 1964–75)



Chapter 14: 10/65 And All That

Chapter 15: Epilogue

Lines on the Passing of WGS: David Wilson

As the book progressed, we appealed for help on Radio Northampton to identify missing names on photos in the book. We got most of them in time for publication.

Hear Graham talk about it!