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Welcome to my home page.
The above links are to this Home Page, to the Kenilworth War Memorial Site and to the page devoted to Dudley White. who died in a disastrous Tank Campaign on the Western Front on October 9th 1917.

If you wish to know more about KENILWORTH AND THE GREAT WAR, written by Susan Tall and Betty Sunley, then click here. For press coverage, click here. To order a copy, click here or telephone Betty Sunley at 01926 853574.

Betty Sunley (left) and Sue Tall celebrate the publication of KENILWORTH AND THE GREAT WAR

In the Ancestors Magazine, November 2005, Issue 40, (published by the National Archives), readers, contributors and reviewers were asked to nominate candidates for BOOK OF THE YEAR. There in the list of nominees, following the 60 volume Oxford Dictionary of National Biography was ...


(see the foot of the second column reproduced here...)