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With Carmen Azcarate and Mar Moreno at the Conference Party

The photographs listed here are a personal collection taken with colleagues at the PME Conference in Utrecht, July 2001. You are welcome to download and use any you wish. Higher quality originals can be obtained by e-mailing me at

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Thursday, July 12th, 2001, Opening Ceremony and Reception at the Dom Cathedral Utrecht
001.The Dom in Utrecht where the Opening Ceremony was held
002.A Dutch welcome for Sue Tall
003.Lenni Haapsalo (Finland) with David Tall and (PhD student) Anna Watson
004.Meeting Susan Müller-Philipp (Münster, Germany) and Tony Barnard (Kings College, London)
005.Hartwig Meissner (Münster, Germany)
006.Rina Hershkowitz and Orit Zaslavsky (Israel)
007.Laurinda.Brown (Bristol, UK)
008.Caroline Maher (Rutgers, USA) says hello as Orit Zaslavsky (Israel) and Ricardon Nemirovsky (TERC, USA) look on
009.Meeting Mar Moreno and Carmen Ascarate (Barcelona) in the Cathedral
010.with David Carraher (TERC, USA)
011with John Olive (Brit working in the USA) and Tommy Dreyfus (Israel)
012.Greeting Brian Greer (Irish Brit working in the USA)
013.Dan Chazan (USA) smiles broadly
014.with Estela Faingelernt (Brazil)
015.with Franca Cohen Gottlieb (Brazil)
016.Candia Morgan and Keith Jones (UK) discuss how many glasses
017.Tom Romberg (USA)
018.Julian Williams (Manchester, UK) and Jonathan Stupp (Israel)
019.Ivy Kidron and Nurit Zehavi (Israel)
020.Gontran Ervynck (Belgium)
021.Pessia Tsamir (Israel)
022.Marcia Pinto (Brazil, former PhD student)
023.John Monaghan (Leeds, UK, former PhD student), Nurit Zehavi (Israel)
024.Soo Duck Chae (Korea, currently PhD student at Warwick)
025.Lucilla Cannizzaro (Rome, Italy)
026.Lillie Crowley (Kentucky, USA), Marcia Pinto (Brazil) (both former PhD students at Warwick)
027.Lucilla Cannizzaro, David Tall, Amar Sharif-Rasslan, Sue Tall, Shaker Rasslan, Marcia Pinto, Anna Watson

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Friday July 13th, 2001
028.arriving in the morning and meeting Tom Cooper (Brisbane, Australia)
029.greetings from Annette Batturo (also from Brisbane)
030.Paul White (another Aussie)
031.David presents his joint research report (written with Eddie Gray)
032.a smile from the lecturer
033.Eddie Gray (Warwick UK) meets Shaker Rasslan (Israel)
034.Vicky Zack (Canada) says hello
035.The Taiwan connection (Warwick student) (Abe) Erh-Tsun Chin, and Fou-Lai Lin
036.Steve Hegedus (Brit in USA) and the famous Jim Kaput (USA)
037.Anna Steinweg (Dortmund, Germany)
038.Jarmila Novotna (Prague, Czech Republic)
039.Nadia Stehlikova (Prague, Czech Republic)
040.Ken Ruthven (Cambridge, UK)
041.Gontran Ervynck (Belgium), Barbara Pence (USA)
042.Fou-Lai Lin (Taiwan)
043.Willi Doerfler (Klagenfurt, Austria)
044.Edith Schneider (Klagenfurt, Austria)
045.Claude Gaulin (Quebec)
046.Julianna Szendrei (Hungary)

Saturday July 14th, 2001
047.Bob Speiser (Utah, USA)
048.Ewa Swoboda (Poland) discusses Abe's research presentation (joint paper with David Tall)
049.Neil Pateman (Hawaii)
050.Soo Duck Chae (Warwick PhD student from Korea)
051.The Afternoon Excursion travels on the Anna Lyse-II (analysis II, get it?)
052.George Philippou (Cyprus)
053.Dinner at our favourite Restaurant with Grace, Sue, Erich Wittmann (Dortmund), Abe, David, Anna

Sunday July 15th, 2001
054.Ruhama Even (Israel)
055.Michele Artigue (France)
056.Kathy Heid (Penn State, USA)
057.Michael Otte (Bielefeld, Germany), Willi Doerfler (Klagenfurt, Austria) with David and Anna (Warwick)
058.Marcia Pinto (Brazil)
059.Franca and Estela (Rio de Janiero, Brazil)

Dinner, Sunday Evening
060.Mercedes McGowen (USA, with PhD from Warwick) and PhD supervisor David
061.Pessia Tsamir (Israel), Eddie Gray, Sue Tall (UK) and Mercedes McGowen (USA)
062.At Binnen Best with Lillie Crowley (back to camera), Anna Watson, David Tall, Susanne Müller-Philipp, Phil Crowley
063.Rina Hershkowitz (Israel), Eddie Gray and Adrian Simpson (Warwick UK)
064.Pessia Tsamir and Sue Tall
065Polly Eisenberg and Anna Watson
066.Lillie Crowley and Ted Eisenberg
067.Adrian Simpson
068.Tall and Gray, the Procept Guys
069.David and Eddie comment enactively
070.Anna Watson, Susan Muller-Philipp
071.Tommy Dreyfus
072.Adrian Simpson, Susan Müller-Philipp and Tommy Dreyfus at our favourite restaurant, 'Nieuw China'
073.Eddie and Susanne have a fag
074.Sue and David Tall
075.Ted and Polly Eisenberg
076.Polly and David
077.Mercedes McGowen and David

Monday July 16th, 2001, The Conference Dinner
078.Beforehand, with Dagmar Neumann (Sweden), Rina Hershkowitz (Israel)
079.Walking from the coaches to the dinner
081.Susan Kaput and Sue Tall
082.Jim Kaput and David Tall
083.Susan Kaput, Brian Greer and Swapna Mukhopadhyay (USA)
084.Carolyn Kieran, (Montreal, Canada), Former President PME
085.Kath Hart (UK) Former President PME
086.Eugenio Filloy (Mexico)
087.David Tall with Warwick PhD students: Anna Watson, Hazel Howat, Ye Yoon Hong (New Zealand, student of Michael Thomas, PhD, Warwick), Lara Alcock, Soo Duck Chae
088.Teresa Rojano (Mexico)
089.Sue Tall, with Alan Bishop (Brit in Australia)
090.Dave Pratt chats
091.David and participants from Taiwan
092.with Michael Koren and Ruth Stavy (Israel)
093.Sue, Pessia Tsamir and David, with approval from Michael Koren

Tuesday July 17th, 2001
094.Anna Watson and Anna Steinweg
095.Newly elected President Rina Hershkowitz
096.Janine Rogalski (France)
097.John Selden (USA)
098.Annie Selden (USA), Marcia Pinto (Brazil)
099.Hazel Howat (Warwick UK)
100.Lara Alcock (Warwick UK, moving to Rutgers, USA)
101.Steve Hegedus
102.Anna Watson meets Julian Williams
103.Gerry Goldin (USA) and Susanne Müller-Philipp (Germany)
104.Three Warwick Students discuss the conference (Anna Watson, Hazel Howat, Lara Alcock)
105.Thanks to the local team at the Closing Ceremony
106.The Conference ends with applause

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