The Kenilworth War Memorial

The Kenilworth War Memorial at the top of Abbey Fields looking down the main road to Warwick was dedicated on Sunday, February 26th, 1922.

Six new names have been added in November 2018.

The names on the memorial before November 2018 are shown here. There were 138 men and one woman who died as a result of World War I. The full list with available pictures and details is given here. 130 names were carved on the original memorial in 1922; 9 others were added later. Information is reproduced from the book Kenilworth and the Great War.

In 1951 the sides were covered by newly cast bronze plaques with updated lists for World War I and an additional plaque on the back with names of 68 Kenilworth men and women who died in World War II. One more name from the Korean war was added in 1952.

There were others who died in the wars with links to Kenilworth through birth, family or burial who were not recorded on the memorial. Those known to us are listed on pages relating to World War I and World War II (including civilians who died when a German bomb due for the Coventry Blitz fell on Kenilworth Square in 1940).

From time to time recent information is added to the site often relating to letters from relatives which clarify matters.

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